When I started this blog, I really only had a general idea of what I wanted to do:

  • I needed to improve my profile as an artist/educator
  • Show stuff  I have never exhibited before
  • Advertise any shows i’m in.

As time has progressed I have felt the urge to extend this idea, and connect it more directly to my practice as an artist. So I have started to develop some self imposed rules (that i’m sure I will occasionally break)

  • Show thinking (explorative strategies)

This could be drawings, diagrams, stuff from sketchbook, works in progress, quotations, photographs, etc

Any thing that forms a connection in some way, or is researching, ideas or stuff that is heading towards a piece of finished work. These can, and probably will, seem disconnected for an audience, but the intent is not to confuse, just show some aspects of the process involved in making a finished work of art.

  • Study the knowledge that comes from the process of blogging

What knowledge am I gaining from the process of blogging? Can I develop, and use audience feedback when researching a particular area? Can the audience become co-researchers on a particular subject? What value could be placed on this kind of research?

  • Make Direct contact with the work

Not just researching but integrating, can posts on this blog retain a separateness yet be connected to a finished work, in a direct manner, that makes the blog part of the artwork?

  • Use  my drawings and illustrations

Just because I want to really!

Any comments are welcome