Well, I’m going to be performing again sometime October/November (more info as it gets confirmed). It will be a residency, and I will be devising/making the work within a two week period.

This brings up a question, does this mean I should not think about it till then? Should I leave it alone, let it be a self contained piece of work?

How can a person think like that it’s impossible!

Each idea combines, separates and recombines, in a state of flux. Ideas are not disconnected, but relational, with the audience, art world, history, real world etc. Creativity cannot be taught, not because it is natural ability that some have more of than others, but because it is an environment, creativity is our architecture, our relationship with others. The work I will create has a relationship with the work I have created, it exists in a flow. I will never only have two weeks to make it, because even in the process of not thinking about it, will have an effect on the final work.