The word extracellular means ‘something that takes place, or is outside of cells’. This sense of being outside, in-between or connecting, is something I find fascinating. Recently I have created a performance work that connects different performances together, retaining their differences, yet keeping a coherent sense of wholeness, even though this wholeness is an illusion.This proposal intends to examine the processes involved within difference and wholeness, by experimenting directly on the audience, forming relations between different members of the audience, that are arbitrary, yet feel decided upon.

Images of urbanity and nature flick past on the screen, each image has a geometric and brightly coloured shape in the top right hand corner; either, red square, yellow triangle or blue circle. As the images slow and stop, the performer walks to the table, cuts out the shape shown on the screen and hands it, after a moment of consideration, to a member of the audience. This process is repeated, till only a small number of the audience is left without a shape.

The process the performer is putting the audience through, is associating people with an image, a shape and each other, highlighting perceived differences and similarities. The organising principle, seems decided upon by the performer, but in truth this is only a game the performer is playing with the audience, as the associations can only be arbitrary, defined in a moment and not on knowledge of an individual person.

Extracellular, as a performance, consists of; 1 performer, a desk with a chair, craft knife, pencil and coloured paper; a projector and screen.