I am a multi disciplinary artist, with considerable experience teaching and leading projects in educational environments. I have worked within a number of contexts including galleries, community projects, schools and universities, teaching a wide range of skills such as drawing, animation, video, video editing and drama. I have worked with every age group from school age to adults, which has helped me develop strong communication skills. I have developed strong artistic, technical and organisational skills through my experience as a teacher and workshop leader, making me an attractive option for a variety of projects.

As an artist I have exhibited nationally and internationally using a variety of art forms including live art, video and animation. My recent projects have focused on themes such as boredom, spare time and journeys between sites. A recent show at Bloc space in Sheffield saw me collaborate with another artist to create ‘Version’, a night of innovative multi-disciplinary art, combining diverse technologies and performances. I feel strongly that my professional practice should be multi disciplinary, as the fundamental aspect of my work is my search to make something whole out of fractured elements, making connections between differing materials, technologies and positions to create a sense of totality as well as retaining differences within the work.